Standard Coldroom Rack Shelving

Optimize Your Coldroom Storage

Optima coldroom rack shelving provides an ideal storage solution for many coldroom users, epsecially the food and pharmaceuticals industries. The strong aluminium structure and durable plastic shelves combine to provide an excellent load capacity and with a wide range of dimensions and universal connectors, it is possible to extend the shelving virtually without limitation. This is a rack shelving system which offers many combinations of shelf configurations, from a single rack to L, U or T-shaped extensions. So it makes the ideal racking solution for optimization of storage.

coldroom rack shelving example

Fast and Easy Rack Shelving Assembly

The assembly of Optima rack shelving is really easy. It can be done by one person. No tools required.

Insert hooks into holes

Place horizontal Beams

Place corner connectors

Place shelve inserts

Made From High Quality Materials
• Decorative anodised aluminium finish
• Durable polypropylene shelf plates and grills
• Hooks made from reinforced metal
• Feet & inserts made from high-resistance composite materials
• Stainless steel corner connectors

Key Features & Functional Advantages
• Extremely stable, excellent load capacity
• Adjustable shelf level every 150 mm
• Hidden fixing connections
• Adjustable feet
• Easy removable shelf grills and plates
• Dishwasher-proof shelf inserts
• Excellent resistance between -40°C and +80°C

Main Users Of Optima Rack Shelving
Coldroom operators, clean room facilities, catering services, laboratories, laundries, stores.