Coldroom Shelving

A range of European manufactured, quality coldroom shelving systems to suit the needs of all coldroom users. The Optima hygienic shelving range includes freestanding racking as well as mobile shelving and mobile lockable trolleys. Optima shelving is widely used in the UK in every sector where hygienic shelving is a requirement. It is especially favoured by the catering, medical and pharmaceutical sectors including hotels, restaurants, specialist caterers, warehouses, pharmacies, hospitals and laboratories.

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Coldroom rack shelving with shelf combinations to maximise storage space. Adjustable shelving which is easily extended. Superb temperature resistance, quality design, impressive load capacity and stability make this the ideal hygienic shelving system for coldroom and freezer facilities.

A combination of rack shelving on casters that moves within specially designed tracks. Our mobile shelving is the ideal way to maximise your coldroom storage space without compromising ease of handling. Especially popular with event caterers, warehouses and large coldroom facilities.

This lockable mobile shelving trolley is ideal for catering services in public areas (restaurants, hospitals). The option of sloping shelves means it can be used for display purposes as well by chocolatiers and greengrocers. Number of shelves: 2. Variable shelf length and 4 sizes of shelf insert.