Coldroom Construction

From hygienic covings to ceiling suspensions, bumper profiles, U-Channels and more, we can supply an extensive range of specialist parts for the coldroom construction sector. Below are just some of these products manufactured by Castel Engineering. Ask for full catalogue. Call us now 01582 663388. If you need more general parts such as coldroom door handles, door hinges and gaskets visit our coldroom spares page.

coldroom construction parts example

Wall to floor hygienic profiles

• Large, medium and small PVC covings / Aluminium covings
• Backing profiles, plinth profiles & accessories
• U-channels, L-covering profiles

hygienic profiles - parts for coldroom construction

Bumper panel protections

• Heavy-duty bump rail
• Bump rail

Ceiling suspension

• Galvanised powder-coated steel
• Aluminium
• Glass fibre-reinforced polyester

coldroom construction parts - ceiling suspension